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Help the Pets of Moore, Oklahoma

Posted on May 21, 2013 at 6:00 PM





Hi Everyone, I'm sure you've seen the horrible destruction from the enormous tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones and the loss of those children is heartbreaking! I know how devastating it is to lose a child; no parent should ever have to suffer that kind of pain! There are many ways you can help the people of Moore but since I run a rescue I try to help as many animals as possible since they often get forgotten during disasters, they can be injured, scared, confused being separated from their families so I've donated to the AKC CAR Canine Support & Relief Fund, if you are interested in helping the displaced & injured pets of Moore, Oklahoma here is the link to donate whatever you can: Make sure to have a disaster preparedness plan in place for you & your pets! Here's a link to help you set it up now:


1 Start getting ready now

ID your pet

Put together your disaster kit

Find a safe place to stay ahead of time

2 If you evacuate, take your pet

3 If you stay home, do it safely

4 Keep taking care even after the disaster

5 Be ready for everyday emergencies

You can't get home to your pet

Heat wave

The electricity goes out

Here's a link to donate to the HSUS to help pets during a disaster:


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