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Hi Suzan,

I don't even remember what it is like to sleep. :-)

Everybody is doing fine. I can tell that Lucy is in some pain from her surgery, as well as laboring for 36 hours or so.

I really cannot thank you enough for all your advice and encouragment. You have gone above and beyond in helping me with this. I have had bullie puppies before, but clearly each pregnancy/labor and birth experience are different.

Lucy is being an awesome mama and is not always sitting on her puppies like a giant chicken. Sometimes, she reaches out with her paws and gathers some puppies to her and then rests her head on them. I'm not sure if she is trying to hug her babies, or looking for a pillow. :-)

I have not had enough time to just sit and study these puppies yet, and I'm overly tired, but I am so excited about them! We have some real beauties. There are 3 pups that are smaller, 3-4 that are ginormous and the rest are in the middle. All of them are eating well, and seem to be thriving. I am keeping my eye and attention on my smallest one and making sure that he stays healthy.

Again, thank you for EVERYTHING.

Also, my husband really wants to keep one of these male darlings and I have said NO. :-) But, I am thinking next year, if I breed Lucy her second and last time, I will keep a male. Luca made some fabulous puppies with Lucy.

Thanks again,



One of my Grand-Pups (handler in green outfit)