Aristocrat French Bulldogs-Breeding Better Dogs (and Eng. Bulldog Stud Service)

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About Aristocrat Bullmastiffs & Available Puppies




    Aristocrat Bullmastiffs is located in the beautiful state of Maine just North of L.L. Beans in Freeport


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    Breeding Better Dogs in Health, Temperament & Longevity run by a Licenced Veterinarian, Vet Tech & Canine Behaviorist where we care about the future of our breeds!!!
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    All of our dogs are house dogs, I never saw much sense in having a dog you didn't live with-sure they take over (and take up) the entire house, but they are my life, the puppies (of course) are also raised in our home, they have a nursery that is temperature controlled, the walls are painted with bright colored murals to provide visual stimulation which increases brain function, and contrary to popular belief dogs do see in color the only difference is they can't distinguish between blues & greens but they most certainly see in color! The nursery also has a huge picture window that lets in lots & lots of sunshine; we also have full spectrum sun lamps to provide them with plenty of Vit. D (needed to process calcium properly) without it puppies would get what is called "swimmers disease" where they actually look like they are swimming because their legs cannot support them, of course a premium nutritious diet is essential, we add supplements of glucosamine & 3V-Caps (Amino Acids) for healthy skin, hair coat & general health, the glucosamine is needed for healthy growth of joints especially in giant breeds, and they get a daily chewable Pet Vite Plus multi vitamin & mineral tablet. The puppies are provided more toys than most human kids have, they also have hanging toys that they can tug on, and play with, they listen to a CD that has over 900 different sound effects on it, so these pups aren't going to be afraid of noises! Too many dogs are lost or worse during thunderstorms or fireworks, etc. We have a veterinary practice so we see it all. All of this makes the puppies smarter, easier to train, they also learn to share so they do not turn into aggressive "guarders" of food or toys like puppies that were raised in wooden boxes with newspaper, or worse dirt. Their nursery is kept cleaner than a hospital nursery, we use clean pine shavings that are changed & cleaned constantly. The puppies are bathed daily with baby wipes with Shea butter. They are fed a mixture of moistened Iams large breed puppy formula & Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy Formula mixed with Pro Plan canned puppy & Iams canned puppy food. The pups are free fed from weaning so they are totally non-food aggressive, your toddler could stick their head in the bowl while they were eating & they could care less, a child could pull a bone out of one of my dog's mouths & they would just wag their tails, they could eat out of the same bowl without issue if their big fat heads would fit!  Our puppies are handled constantly, very well socialized with the rest of their family pack and humans, they get along great with smaller pets, dogs, cats, rabbits, one of my puppy people even has two pet rats that their bully gets along with just fine & he will share his food with the family cat! They naturally adore children and are great with them, very tolerant and mild tempered but if anyone ever tried to hurt their kids they would be very sorry!

    Nubble Lighthouse - Photo of Nubble Light York Maine



    Sebasticook Animal Clinic


    We are breeders who stand behind our puppies 100% and then some! I spend years researching pedigrees before buying a dog to breed with one of my girls to get the closest to perfect puppies possible, although almost all of my puppies are considered show quality I sell them primarily for pets because that's what I want, I want them to be family members, spoiled rotten and treated no different than a child! I put my heart & soul into raising these pups & get extremely attached to them and want to be sure they go to the best of the best homes! I also crate train the pups before they leave since that is when most people "give in" because they want the pups to like them or can't stand the fussing, so I make sure they are already used to the crates before they leave, no one would ever consider leaving an infant or toddler free in the house unattended and puppies are no different, it's even more dangerous for them since they chew things & we've seen way too many puppies die in the lobby of our clinic because they chewed through an electrical cord or ate some foreign object, or poison that could have easily been prevented by keeping them in a crate-I definitely do not condone keeping them crated all the time-ONLY when you are unable to watch them! Keeping them in a crate is NOT cruel, quite the opposite, it's the safest thing for them, plus these are denning animals, they like small enclosed spaces naturally & feel comfortable in them, this is their space just like a child's bedroom & should be left as their space with the door open (when you are able to watch them) so if things get to hectic for them they have a place to go to "get away from it all" for awhile, crate training is also by far the best way to "house break" your puppy since they will not soil the area that they sleep in, if they do then you are leaving them in the crate too long. Provide the pup with plenty of save chew toys throughout the first year because he/she will be teething for that length of time.

    Bullies grow fast but mature slow!

    I will provide each of my puppy people with CD containing files on everything you ever wanted to know about raising a baby bullmastiff throughout adulthood and I am almost always available 24/7 to answer questions in regards to behavior, training, medical, or anything else-I've seen it all! I am also more than happy to advise you in regard the best products that work well with Bullmastiffs & that are safe. You cannot bother me by asking questions & I'm definitely NOT one of those breeders who forgets you exist after the puppy is sold, I WANT to get pictures, hear stories, get updates about the puppy. I've even started a group on msn for all of my puppy people to chat, share stories, and pictures of their bullmastiffs!

    Photo of Megunticook Lake from Camden Hills State Park in Maine


    So far north that it's not unusual to have to stop for a moose in the middle of Main St. and to listen to the loons sing at night, to see herds of

    deer in the fields & lots of wild turkeys!

    Somes Sound Somesville Maine Fall Picture

    Brassau Lake not far from where we live-great Rainbow Trout!

    Canadian Geese chasing our bobbers!

    Some baby Wood Ducks ignoring their mother to come & visit us!



    Picture of Penobscot Bay from Deer Isle, Maine

    Current Available Puppies:  AKC Champion Luca Brahma-Bull & Izz-A-Bull Ruby's Jewel had a gorgeous litter of 10 born on Valentine's Day 2011, email me for a puppy application if you are interested in one of these exceptional babies!

    We have a breeding scheduled with Dharma Jewel in June 2011, if interested in getting on the list for one of Dharma's puppies please email me for a puppy application :) 



      Please contact:
      Aristocrat Bullmastiffs: AKC, AKC/DNA Voluntary Program, AKC/CGC, ACK/CAR, OFA, ADOA, APDT

      Email: or

      Ph: 207-385-1734

      Note: Please email if at all possible since I am rarely available to answer the phone, the puppies come first! If you do not

      have access to email please leave your name & mailing address along with your phone number so I am able to send you all the informational

      materials, puppy application, and a DVD with pictures of our puppies, dogs, and lots of references.

      It is much better to email me if possible since I am able to check my email frequently throughout the day & I am able to send you links to our

      photo albums, and send lots of information about our breeding program as well as links to pictures of all our dogs & previous litters, as well

      as lots of references & a puppy application.

      Breed : Bullmastiff-we only breed Bullmastiffs, and have been breeding for 25 years

      Shipping : Ships Within USA only & only within certain areas depending on distance & flight time.

      Breeding Program : ARISTOCRAT BULLMASTIFFS: AKC, OFA, DNA, CGC, CAR, ADOA, APDT, TDI, RDOA, North East Bullmastiff Rescue

      Our puppies have a strong champion pedigree. We are owned by a licensed Veterinarian & VMT/Trainer/behaviorist. We adore this breed &

      have bred only Bullmastiffs for 25 years.Our puppies & dogs meet or exceed AKC standard for the breed, and their parents have passed

      complete health screening (hips, elbows, heart, lungs, eyes, general blood profiles, thyroid, etc.), have wonderful temperaments, our line has

      a history of incredible longevity, intelligence and are very athletic. Our puppies are raised in our home & all of our dogs are house dogs. The

      puppies are extremely well socialized & already crate trained as well as started leash training, noise desensitization, and lots of other training.

      We always offer support for our puppy people. Our puppies are guaranteed for health & temperament, they come with written guarantees,

      contract, AKC registered, Microchip Implant ID, All Vaccinations, Free of Internal & External Parasites, health certificate, health records, 15+

      generation AKC certified pedigree, huge amount of information, samples, puppy kits, etc. It is best to email that way we can send you pictures,

      information and a puppy application, if you have to call please leave a message.

      Registrations : AKC
      Club Affiliations : AKC, CGC, CAR, OFA, DNA, ADOA, APDT, PCKC, CMKC, TDI, North East Bullmastiff Rescue

      Health Information : We are owned by a licensed Veterinarian who is also federally accredited and a VMT trainer/behaviorst. We do all health

      screening prior to breeding as well as making sure the dogs to be bred are not only healthy but are from a line of dogs with no genetic health

      issues whatsoever going back a min. of five generations! All of our puppies are up to date on Distemper/Parvo complex and Bordatella

      vaccines, they have been wormed & guaranteed free of internal & external parasites. They have had a Home Again microchip ID implanted &

      will come with CAR registration through AKC. The puppies will go home with a written guarantee for health & temperament, have all been vet

      checked, as well as a health certificate & records of vaccinations, etc.

      Buyer Requirements : We carefully screen all of our potential puppy people by having them fill out a puppy application. We are looking for

      people who have done research on the Bullmastiff breed or have owned a Bullmastiff previously & know that this is a breed that will fit

      perfectly into their homes & life style. These puppies are only to be house dogs and family members and are to be treated no differently than

      one of your children, not outside dogs. A dog is a life long commitment no different than a child, but if for any reason circumstances change

      we will ALWAYS take a puppy/dog back!

      Additional Comments : I do consult with people all over the world in regards to their Bullmastiff's training, nutrition, medical care, and

      behavior and with each puppy comes our expertise, we stand behind every puppy we bring into this world and will always welcome any puppy

      back for any reason! We feel obligated to protect the integrity of this rare wonderful breed of dog that has such a deep level of devotion to their

      people, we try to educate other breeders that are breeding dogs that do not meet AKC standard for the breed, or dogs they do not a have good

      medical history on as well as health screening done. Sadly not everyone who breeds dogs cares about the dogs or the future of the breed, they

      breed to make money & want to put as little money into their dogs as possible & pump out as many puppies as possible and the result is

      disastrous for not only the poor puppies, but the people that end up with them & have to suffer the financial & emotional heartache that goes

      along with a badly bred pups as well as seriously damaging the integrity of the breed. Look what has happened to Germ. Shepherds, it's almost

      impossible to find them with decent hip function anymore, Boxers almost always die of some form of cancer, and I could go on & on. The best

      advise I could offer anyone looking for a puppy is first NEVER buy a puppy in a pet store, not only do you support puppy mills by doing this,

      you are buying into a world of health problems & heartache. Don't choose the first breeder you come across, check them out, ask them

      questions, if they don't want to answer find someone else. You want to feel very comfortable with your breeder and feel that they will be there

      to help you if you have questions later! The right puppy is well worth the wait!!!! 


      Our dogs & puppies have big blocky 'bully' conformations. Our dogs love people, they adore children & do very well with other pets, we place our puppies in only loving homes were they will continue to be cared for with love and attention by those who understand the Bullmastiff breed well. (we are more than happy to help educate anyone interested in this breed by answering questions (as many as you want), recommending reference materials, etc.) People who want a family member, not just a show dog. Our pups are highly sought after as show dogs & we will sell puppies for show but they must be family dogs first. We do not sell puppies with co-ownerships, if you buy one of our puppies, that puppy is yours only! We also do not require you name your puppy after our kennel name, the name you choose is entirely up to you, the only "strings" attached are we ask, beg, plead, that you keep in touch from time to time, send pictures & updates, I get very attached to my babies & I am a basket case after they leave, I breed to share the happiness, total love & devotion these dogs have brought to my life with others so I live to get pictures & here updates about the puppies no matter how old they get, and you can NEVER bother me with questions, I am available to answer questions almost 24/7 so please don't hesitate to email me, I'm NOT one of those breeders who forgets you exist after the puppy has been sold!

      Proven studs & beautiful Bullmastiff puppies. We never breed a female before 2 years of age & we do all health screening imaginable prior to breeding, hips, elbows, eyes, heart, complete blood chemistry profile, thyroid, etc. We only breed dogs that have no genetic diseases or illnesses & a very long life span going back at least five generations, we do NOT in-breed (meaning breeding close relatives as a lot of breeders do, they will even breed brother & sister or mother & son, in-breeding just doesn�t work genetically no more than it would with a human!), we breed only the best examples of the breed according to AKC breed standards and only dogs with outstanding temperaments & intelligence. The pups have a very early foundation for learning & have already had a lot of basic training with positive reinforcement methods prior to going to their new homes, including being crate trained, used to collars, etc. We understand the importance of early socialization & the pups have had extensive socialization prior to going to their homes, they are happy, very friendly, very confident & highly intelligent puppies that adjust to new setting in minuets. If you would like us to send a puppy application please email us at: or leave a phone message with your email/mailing address. Thank you for your interest in our puppies! If anyone interested in buying a Bullmastiff puppy would like help in this process we are more than happy to answer questions regarding the best way to look for a nice healthy puppy that will fit well into your family & life style, we have a great list of questions to ask a breeder before buying a puppy (these are a must!) that I can email to anyone interested, it describes all the kinds of breeders & has very important questions on it.

      Also be careful getting breeders names off of Bullmastiff Clubs or Assoc. sites, most of these sites only require a fee to be listed, they do not have to pass ANY requirements, or codes of ethics in their breeding , or abide by a set of standards in regards to breeding in order to be listed on these sites.

      So just be careful, you want a healthy puppy that lives to a ripe old age without having to take them to the vets constantly with a host of health problems, it is tempting to jump into this but it defiantly pays to wait until you feel completely comfortable with the breeder you decide on & you want to make sure that breeder will be there for you, you will have lots of questions as you go along & especially if your a first time bully owner you want to know there is support for you through your breeder for the life of your new puppy.

      My dogs have such a rough life…..yeh right!


                    Lazy Pony at 11 yrs





                      Responsible breeders seek to preserve and improve their chosen breeds, and are involved with clubs, rescue, education, and other dog-related activities. They register their puppies with reputable registries, screen their buyers to make sure their animals are placed in appropriate homes, and make provisions to ensure that the dog will have a good home for its lifetime.

                      Registered Breeders Code of Ethics breeder, I state that:

                      • I breed my dogs with care and attention for the preservation and improvement of my chosen breed(s).
                      • I test my breeding program in an objective venue such as conformation showing, work, tests and trials, etc.
                      • I research health, temperament, and conformation for each litter I breed.
                      • I provide health and temperament information on my breed in general as well as on my specific dogs or puppies to all prospective puppy buyers, as well as copies of all appropriate health screening & clearances done prior to breeding. All puppies are examined by a licensed veterinarian before placement.
                      • I register my litters with the American Kennel Club or the Canadian Kennel Club. I provide all required documentation with each puppy, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the registry. I also provide copies of AKC certified pedigrees that have been extensively researched as well as copies of the dog's registrations & DNA profile reports.
                      • I personally and carefully screen each prospective puppy buyer to ensure that the home is appropriate for the breed and the individual dog. I take back puppies at any time during their life, ensuring that each dog I breed has a home for its lifetime. I also list myself & contact information on their microchip ID form for CAR so if at any time in the puppy/dog's life if they should ever get separated from their owners and they are unable to contact them they will always be able to contact me so I will never have a puppy end up in rescue or a shelter! All puppy placements are done by the breeder, never by third parties such as brokers, dealers, or wholesalers, nor through auctions, or as prizes and I would never sell puppies to a pet store!!!
                      • I am a member in good standing with AKC, show-related, canine education-related, working dog-related, or rescue-related club or organization.