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Congratulations Babette!!! Graduating with Honors!!! Smart Puppy! :)

Posted on April 7, 2013 at 1:20 PM

Hey, Suzan,

Babette graduated from puppy school today with high honors. Companion dog training begins next week. She is so outgoing and makes everyone so happy that we would like to give her a chance as a therapy dog. Her trainer is sure she would be a star. Thanks again for breeding such a fine dog.



Happy News!!! Zoe's PregnancyTest is Positive!! Yey :)

Posted on March 10, 2013 at 8:55 PM

Zoe is confirmed pregnant, just got the results a few minutes ago & had to run up and post it to my blog :) I can't wait to see the babies!!! The daddy is Gustav and the pups will be due in approx. 33 days from today :) I hope everyone had a good weekend! Wags, Suzan 

Hi Everyone! Puppies are on the way! :)

Posted on February 26, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Sorry I haven't posted sooner been trying to save files off my old pc & set up a new one, what a pain!!! I just wanted to tell everyone interested that Vivi & Libby's pregnancy tests were positive so we are expecting beautiful Frenchie babies in March between the 18th & the 22nd :) Zoe has weird heat cycles but with a lot of work I was able to pinpoint her ovulation time and she was bred, fingers crossed we'll get a positive pregnancy test on March 10th or 11th! This will be Zoe's first litter & I'm really looking forward to seeing her babies! I hope everyone is making it through the winter ok, the winters in Maine are so very long, can't wait for summer!!! :) Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week! Wags, Suzan & The Bully-Gang

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year!!!

Posted on January 20, 2013 at 2:15 AM

Hi! I hope you all had the happiest holiday season & have a happy & healthy new year!!! Sorry I haven't been around lately (since before Christmas), it's been difficult for us being the first Christmas without my daughter, then after coming back home I came down with some bug & was really sick but I'm feeling a bit better now & see I'm horribly behind in my emails, I will do the very best I can trying to get back to everyone, if you are waiting to hear back from me please resend the email if you would so I'll get to it faster.

I am in the process now of breeding Vivi (cream) with Gustav (cream), she came into heat a couple weeks ago, Libby (pale fawn tri pied) also is in heat now & I'm breeding her Argos (brilliant brindle & white pied). Zoe (cream) was due to come into heat around Dec. 27th but has shown no sign of coming in until a couple days ago so she's just started her cycle & I'll be breeding her with Dante' (cream/fawn & white) probably next week, I'll get the first progesterone test done on Monday (tomorrow). So we'll be expecting a bunch of Frenchie babies in March :) All these upcoming puppies have already been spoken for, I've got a waiting list for the Frenchie puppies but if you are interested in getting on the waiting list for a future litter please email me at: & I can send a puppy application right out to you.

AKC Ch. Luca Brahma-Bull, my gorgeous deep red Bullmastiff boy was bred with a previous puppy of mine from Annie & Tearloch, she lives just down the street from me, her name is Chica, she was bred with Luca in October, she went into labor on Dec. 21st & unfortunately Jason & I were not around, she had 7 puppies naturally and they thought she was done but 2 days later she was acting very uncomfortable so they had to take her to the emergency clinic in Brewer & she ended up having 7 more puppies, very sadly the "vet" at the clinic just left her for more than 6 hours instead of taking her into surgery right away so she ended up losing all but one of the 8 remaining puppies, so she had 14 puppies all together but only 8 of them survived her lack of proper care at this emergency clinic she was taken too, very sad but a litter of 8 puppies is still a lot for a first time mom and she's been a great mommy, I've visited her & the new puppies! Luca is a proud daddy :)

I told Lori (Chica's mom & my neighbor) I would help her find good homes for the puppies so if you are interested in one of the puppies please let me know as soon as possible, just email me at my regular address: I'll have Lori get some pics of the Bullmastiff puppies & I'll post them on the avail-a-bull page :)

Have a great New Year everyone!!!

Wags, Suzan & The Bully-Gang