Aristocrat French Bulldogs-Breeding Better Dogs (and Eng. Bulldog Stud Service)

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These hand crafted 2 in 1 adjustable martingale leads are all I ever use to walk my dogs, they give you all of the control (with the extra-control option) of a cruel prong collar without causing pain or injury to your dog, they come in a rainbow of assorted nylon colors, can be personalized, hand painted (machine washable) with any design you choose, also leather 2 in 1 leads from the show ring to the street, many different options to choose from some with leather padded handles that won't slip and give's you the most comfortable gr


All Martingale 2 in 1 Training/Walking Leads to fit everyone's n CUSTOM LEASHES, COLLARS, HARNESSES, HEAD HALTERS BIG DOG COLLARS
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