Aristocrat French Bulldogs-Breeding Better Dogs (and Eng. Bulldog Stud Service)

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These really nice heavy duty but super comfortable collars are on sale! They are only available in 2” X 29” size (adjustable) in orange/red color and hand painted design, these collars can be personalized with your dog’s name or any design you want hand painted on them depending on the complexity of the design you choose the price could be the same or a bit more, if you email me at I will be happy to give you a price after you tell me what design you’d like painted on the collar. The collar, basic design, personalization & emergency contact phone number on the inside of the collar as well as priority shipping with a tracking number totals $24.00 if you are interested in a special design on the collar just let me know. Quantities of these particular collars are limited so get one now while they are on sale!!!

Of course you can always order any color or color combination collar in any style (regular flat collars from ½” up to 1.5” widths) and I make all these collars by hand so you can order any size you’d like as well as leather, suede, fabrics you name it and I can make the perfect specially designed collar just for your individual dog! Collars are also available in styles like martingales, special design martingales, special head collars just for short muzzled breeds like Bullmastiffs, harnesses that are comfortable and specially designed for your Frenchie with matching leashes, couplers to walk more than one dog on one leash, hands free belts with all kinds of custom attachments to meet your individual needs (those are my favorite, especially walking around at dog shows and training…..LOVE them!!!) Also extra tough toys, treats that are safe and all USDA, coats designed just for your dog, etc.

I will personalize the collars for free as well as putting an emergency contact phone number on the inside of the collar to help get your dog home ASAP should they ever get separated from you!!! I work rescue and anything I can do to keep a dog with the family that loves them I’ll do!

A good part of the proceeds from sales of VetzPets Int. products helps fund the program which includes spaying/neutering, all vaccinations, heartworm testing, testing for internal & external parasites and treating or prevention as needed. Also the rescues I get frequently have medical issues so we take care of all medical issues as well including testing/diagnosis and treatment as well as behavioral therapy, training and screening foster people and people who are interested in adopting a rescued dog. The rest of the money goes right to my own dogs, they live like kings & queens (which is where the name Aristocrat came from, it’s very fitting! :D)

Please spell out your dog's name if you want it personalized as well as your emergency contact phone number you'd like printed on the inside of the collar?

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