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Bullmastiffs-you can't own just one!



Two or more are twice the fun…..


Why own a Bullmastiff, they’re addictive you know. You can’t own just one, the craving will grow. You will think you’re all set, that your pack is complete……then it will happen one day, a puppy you’ll meet.


That cute face, those sad eyes, pleading to you from there on the floor, and before you know it, you own just one more!


Bullmastiffs are different, they eat lots of food and use lots of space, but they will look at you with adoring eyes, a little drool,  and then lick your face.


I have Bullmastiffs, ten, am I crazy?

But their really not too much trouble and really quite lazy.


I try to remember back to when there was one, he was so cute and so much fun….

I had time to do things, time of my own….well, at least now, I am never alone.


They follow me to the bathroom, they follow me to the phone, especially when I eat, I am never alone.


When I sit down at the table to eat, I always have an audience at my feet.


They will watch as the fork goes from my mouth to my plate, they will sit and watch, as if they can’t wait.


Such expectation in their eyes, and such concentration….that no sound could compromise.


They will sit and stare with drool from their lips, it will fall in big strings, not just in drips.


They will sit and stay, as never before, not moving, even if someone comes to the door!


When I am done eating, when I’m feeling full, I always leave some leftovers to share with my crew.


They get so excited, they are so easy to please, making a Bullmastiff happy is really a breeze!


The sofa is always occupied and the windows are crusty, there are nose prints and splatters and everything is dusty. The housekeeping is constant, but what do I care, what’s a few more nose prints and a little more hair.


Each dog is different with their own personality, there is never a dull moment and no commonality.


People are complex and sometimes difficult to take, where Bullmastiffs are strait forward and their emotions never fake.


They love you unconditionally….no matter what.

They love you in the morning, when you first wake up.

They love you no matter how you appear, they love you always, to them you are dear.


Some people can’t fathom and will never know,

How I can live with so many dogs in my home.


My family rarely visits, few friends come to stay, except other dog folks who live the same way.


Is it worth it I wonder, am I caught in a trap?

Then one of my dogs comes and climbs in my lap.


While trying to breathe I think that I will, always have big dogs, forever and still.


Re-written by Suzan of Dext-Orr Bullmastiffs, adjusted to fit my ever growing family of Bullmastiffs, from a poem found on the web, the original was from an unknown author.