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List of Unsafe Chews for Dogs

Warning: Unsafe chews for dogs


From FDA nation wide public health advisory: contaminated pet chews


Human illness from handling pig ears, beef jerky treats, smoked (non-sterilized) cow hooves, pig skins, etc.

May contain bacterial infection such as Salmonella Infantis.


Potential Dangerous Chews for Dogs:


Pig Ears: It is not safe to feed ANY kind of pork product to dogs, it may cause moderate to severe gastrointestinal problems & in severe cases deaths have been reported.


Raw Hide: Raw hide is probably one of the most commonly purchased chews for dogs, but in most cases it is not safe. More commonly than not raw hide purchased in the US comes from Thailand or Brazil & is not regulated or inspected in any way by the US government. The raw hide is processed using some very dangerous chemicals such as arsenic, formaldehyde, chromium salts, lead, & mercury. Raw hide also poses a real danger of intestinal obstruction which can lead to death if not surgically treated immediately. The lesser of the problems would be gastrointestinal: vomiting & diarrhea.

If you must buy raw hide for your dog  the pressed is better & be VERY sure it comes from the US & has a USDA inspected symbol on the label, but be warnedÂ…it will be difficult if not impossible to find, almost all raw hide comes from Asia because it is so cheap & is all you find in department stores & most pet stores.


Soft Nylabones & like products:

They would be fairly safe for small breeds or non-intent chewers, but for bigger dogs they can chew pieces off that can be swallowed & cause a potential for intestinal obstruction or a choking danger. (the Durable Nylabones have proved to be safe, I give that kind to my own dogs without any problems!)


Much Safer Chews for Dogs:


Note: when buying chews for your dog read the labels carefully & make sure you buy an appropriate size for your individual dog (size & chewing habits).


USDA Sterilized Cow Hooves: These can provide hours of chewing for your dog, they have been sterilized so there are no bacteria & no need for chemicals to preserve them.

Still if you have a very intent chewer they may be able to break off sharp pieces that could be swallowed, as always supervision is recommended when your dog has a chew.

These are from US cows that have been inspected by the USDA.


USDA Lamb Ears: Dogs LOVE these, & not only are they safe they are actually good for your dog! These are meant to be consumed. Lamb Ears are a great alternative to the dangerous pig ears!!!


Durable Nylabones: The only ones I recommend since they are in fact very durable & even with very intent chewers they are unable to break off large enough pieces to bother if swallowed. As always, keep an eye on your dog while chewing, when the bone gets down to a choking hazard size, throw it away.